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Colombia to be first Latam country with universal internet

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Colombia will be Latin America's first nation with universal Internet coverage, President Juan Manuel Santos said as he marked the launch of program that aims to install 5,300 digital kiosks by the end of 2014.

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"All the municipalities are going to be connected," he said during his radio program, "On line with the president." Mr. Santos planned to travel to the north-central province of Boyaca to present Vive Digital kiosks to the towns of Sogamoso and Sora. The plans calls for every community with more than 100 residents to receive a kiosk offering Internet access and free training in the use of information technology.

A total of 400 kiosks are to be delivered Monday to communities in 10 different provinces.

The initiative represents a qualitative leap that will make it possible for "Colombian children to begin to familiarize themselves with technology," Santos said. Further down the road, he said, Viva Digital can enable online delivery of medical expertise and classroom instruction to remote areas.

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