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Croatia another country to go for Russian Sputnik V vaccine outside European procedure

Christian Fernsby |
After Slovakia, Czech Republic and other eastern European countries, it seems that Croatia decided to talk directly to Russia to get Sputnik V.

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Croatian Health Minister Willy Beros gave a statement to the media about Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

"You know that this is a current topic and we are all worried about how to get enough vaccines because, we believe, it will enable a faster return to the old normal.

"Yesterday's talks with the Russian ambassador are not a move away from the EC, but a search for complementary methods that will be in line with the regulatory elements of the EC and the Republic of Croatia.

"The conversation at the initiative of the ambassador was pleasant, constructive and friendly and we discussed the possibility of purchasing vaccines and stressed that this is a possible option but must be part of European regulations and regulations that determine when a vaccine can enter the Republic of Croatia under what conditions.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a letter to the Russian Embassy with HALMED requests on the necessary documentation to assess the safety, quality and effectiveness of the Russian vaccine.

"I asked for the delivery of that documentation to be accelerated so that HALMED could make a relevant decision and so that the vaccine could possibly be used in the Republic of Croatia as well. Thanks to Russian friends who are trying to help us in this global struggle.

"We have already commented that it is possible without the central approval of the EMA.

"HALMED evaluates the effectiveness of certain vaccines and, through intervention imports, enables the import of vaccines that are not currently approved.

"There is a procedure, there are 11 documents that the Russian manufacturer must submit to HALMED.

"There is a possibility, but the preconditions must be realized, and that is the delivery of that documentation. It is the Government’s effort to provide citizens with everything science has to offer, but the main criterion is safety, efficiency and quality.

Does this mean outside the European procedure only on the basis of HALMED, the journalists asked.

"That's right," Berosh replied. â– 

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