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Croatian Parliament: Law on electronic media passed first reading, huge penalties for comments

Christian Fernsby |
The law passed in the second reading today in the Croatian Parliament could result in portals without comments under articles.

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The law on electronic media prescribes huge penalties for portals in the event that comments containing hate speech appear under the articles.

"Penalties of up to one million kuna ($159,000) are envisaged for portals where inappropriate comments from readers are found. Readers are not responsible, but the owners of the portal. Is this the end of comments on portals?" Marijana Puljak from the Centar party asked herself yesterday.

Given that the ruling majority with 76 votes pushed this law into the second reading, it is to be expected that the vote on the final version could take place in a few weeks.

In short, it is to be expected that, if such a law enters into force, portals in fear of huge fines will simply ban commenting under articles.