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Cuba must have its own view of internet, says Maria Esther Alfonso

Christian Fernsby |
We need to build in Cuba our own vision of the internet and that everyone has the opportunity to participate, contribute and even innovate, said Maria Esther Alfonso.

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This is another way of viewing the internet, which is aimed at responsible knowledge, for the benefit of others and not only for personal consumption, told Prensa Latina the first Vice President of the Union of Informaticians of Cuba Maria Esther Alfonso, which hosts the event.

The National Forum on internet Governance, opened on Tuesday, gathers all sectors of society: the legal, governments, companies, each with a different way of seeing the internet, which explains the need for this event to create spaces for interrelation, she said.

We call on all sectors to discuss how we can contribute, is a construction in our own way, to look for alternatives and ways to solve our way of seeing the internet, she reiterated.

Alfonso gave a positive assessment of the meeting, which is held after provincial sessions. The issue of governance in our country begins now. This meeting will provide us with guidelines, goals and will have to be more systematic to assess its impact on society.

At another time she explained one of the growing concerns about the use of the internet and the different generations. There are young people with their skills and their rapid acquisition and on the other hand those of the third age, well served by society, but who need to access and have information and other forms of entertainment, among their different possibilities.

The second day of the forum included an update of the computerization program of society, a process carried out throughout the country with concrete results both in the state sector and in the population.

There was also a master lecture on new trends in digital political communication, as well as a panel on e-government for local development, its good practices. For its closing day, the final statement is expected to be approved.

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