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Cuba will continue dialogue with U.S. despite setback

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Cuban President Raul Castro ratified his administration's willingness to continue engagement with the United States despite a setback in relations between the two countries.

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At the closing of the parliament's plenary session in its 8th Legislature, Castro expressed the island's desire to push forward negotiations on pending bilateral issues "on the basis of equality and the respect for sovereignty and independence."

"Cuba and the United States can cooperate and coexist by respecting their differences and promoting everything that benefits their peoples," Castro said, referring to the change of U.S. policy towards Cuba - announced by President Donald Trump on June 16 - as a "setback in bilateral relations."

Castro said that Trump's decisions ignored large sectors of the U.S. and most Cuban emigrants in support of lifting the embargo and normalizing bilateral ties, and merely satisfied a small group in Florida.

Castro recalled the previous U.S. administration of Barack Obama, who restored the diplomatic ties with Havana and made progress on issues of mutual interest "on the basis of bilateral respect."

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