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Cyprus to screen drinking water for radiation

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Green Party MP George Perdikis has welcomed a move by the Cyprus parliament in getting clear safety guidelines to find radioactive matter in water and mud as a result of offshore drilling in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

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Perdikis’ request was approved during Thursday’s plenary session with the new regulations also calling for better radiation inspections for drinking water on the island.

The risk is from exposure to increased concentrations of ionising radiation, which is naturally present in the ground in the forms of radium, thorium, uranium, lead, and radon.

Until recently, the occupational risk of exposure to radioactive material has been largely ignored. Recent studies around the world have highlighted the risks and the need to further emphasis on safety.

The Earth is radioactive, and the ground contains a variety of radioactive isotopes.

Coincidentally, deposits of natural gas tend to have higher concentrations of radioisotopes, and this fact has been used by geologists to locate natural gas deposits.

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