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Czech agriculture to receive 25.4m euros more in subsidies

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As reported by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture, farmers and growers will receive 1.5 billion crowns (54.38 million euros) in support from the European Union.

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The amount is roughly CZK 700 million (25.4 million euros) higher than last year.

This group includes farmers and growers forming part of the so-called sensitive sectors, which include hop growing, cultivation of potato starch, cattle, sheep and goats.

The Minister of Agriculture, Marian Jurečka, has also signed a separate payment for sugar beet and tomato growers. The former will receive 1.22 billion crowns (44.23 million euros), compared to last year's 1.14 billion (41.33 million euros). Tomato Growers will receive a subsidy of 11.4 million crowns (413,318 euros), while last year they were granted 10.6 million crowns (383,313 euros).

"It is definitely good news for farmers and growers that the amount of support to vulnerable sectors has nearly doubled compared to 2013," said the Minister.

From next year, in the framework of the new Common Agricultural Policy, fruit growers in the Czech Republic should get up to 100 million crowns (3.62 million euros), with the same amount allocated for vegetable producers, while potato growers should receive 50 million crowns (1.81 million euros).

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