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Denmark issues orange travel advisory for Croatia

Christian Fernsby |
Denmark issued an orange travel advisory for Croatia because of coronavirus, the Danish Foreign Affairs Ministry has said, warning against travel to Croatia unless necessary.

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Croatia recorded 304 new cases yesterday. The number of currently ill (active cases) in Croatia is 2,420. Among them, 194 patients are in hospital, of which 13 are on a respirator.

Since February 25, 2020, when the first case of infection was recorded in Croatia, a total of 9,192 people infected with the new coronavirus have been recorded. 6,595 people have recovered, and 177 people have died so far.

To date, a total of 160,236 people have been tested, of which 2,849 in the last day.

An orange travel advisory means that self-quarantine is strongly recommended when arriving from the country for which it has been issued.

This week, France and Croatia have been added to the list of countries to which any unnecessary travel is discouraged, due to a surge in the number of infections, the Ministry wrote on its website.

The Ministry told those already on holiday in Croatia that they could stay until the previously planned date, but that they should minimise the risk of infection and that they must get tested when they return home, although they do not have to self-isolate for two weeks.

If they decide to visit Croatia in the future, they are invited to quarantine for 14 days when they return to Denmark.

As of August 29 at midnight, Croatian citizens entering Denmark, as well as citizens of other countries with an orange travel advisory, such as Belgium, France, Romania or Spain, have to state the reason for their visit.

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