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Denmark revives goal to be coal free by 2030

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Denmark wants its entire electricity supply to be coal free by 2030, energy and climate minister Lars Christian Lilleholt has confirmed.

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The goal was announced as Denmark joined a coalition of 15 countries at the UN’s annual COP23 climate conference in Bonn, THe Local reported.

Although the target has previously been a part of the Scandinavian nation’s sustainability plan, it was initially scrapped by the centre-right government after elections in 2015.

But Lilleholt said that the coalition government would now bring back the target to be free of coal by 2030.

“It is no use countries acting alone in relation to this agenda. What is vital is that a large number of countries take part, so it makes a real difference internationally,” Lilleholt said.

“Denmark going it alone in various contexts has no effect on climate. In this case, we are showing a good example together with a number of other countries,” he added.

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