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Denmark to help China with water management

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China and Denmark agreed to strengthen their cooperation in water management. China has 20% of the total world population but only 7% of the world's water resources.

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Denmark has a water technical expertise in the field of annual turnover of more than 4 billion euros. In recent years, with China's emphasis on the scientific use of water resources, increasing Sino-Danish waterworks strengthened.

China's population accounts for 20% of the total world population, but only 7% of the world's water resources, water shortages. Currently, China is only half of the waste reprocessing, which not only reduces water quality also reduces the water supply face water shortage of resources challenges, China and the EU have jointly established European Water Platform, the EU side by Denmark as the lead country.

Cooperation between the European Union and China includes flood control, protection of groundwater resources, pollution treatment, and management of large tackle water shortages area adjacent waters.

According to the plan, by 2015, water exchange platform in EU member states will be known for its good water technology cooperation with China, cooperation projects covering water policy communication and business cooperation, joint research and development as well as ongoing communication platform construction. The Danish groundwater and water management will be based exchanges with Chinese counterparts, research and training.

"The EU and China in the process of cooperation to protect water resources, Denmark made the first move, this is mainly because we have accumulated over 40 years experience in water conservation," said Danish Environment Minister Ida Okun.

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