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Despite surplus of $250 billion Trump says Brazil is unfair to American companies

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U.S. president Donald Trump accused Brazil of being one of the most difficult countries in the world to have trade relations with. He also called "unfair" the way American companies are treated in Brazilian territory.

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The criticism wasn't left unnoticed. Brazilian Ministry for Industry, Trade and Services reminded, through a statement, that the United States has enjoyed a trade surplus with Brazil of $90 billion in the last year when considering only in the trade of goods. Including both goods and services, the trade surplus amounts to $250 billion.

“That’s a beauty. They charge us whatever they want,” he said. “If you ask some of the companies, they say Brazil is among the toughest in the world – may be the toughest in the world,” Trump said.

"We don't call them and say 'Hey, you are treating our companies unfairly, you are treating our companies unfairly."

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