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EC proposes EU Solidarity Fund assistance for Cyprus and Portugal

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The Commission Commission has proposed aid worth over €11 million from the EU Solidarity Fund (EUSF) for Cyprus and Portugal.

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In 2016 Cyprus has been subject to severe drought which caused forest fires and scarcity of water for the population. Cyprus is set to receive nearly €7.3 million from the EUSF to alleviate the financial burden of the damage.

The Portuguese Island of Madeira was affected by wildfires in August 2016. Almost €4 million from the EUSF will help cover the costs of emergency measures, clean-up operations and of the restoration of vital public infrastructure.

The financial assistance package now awaits the approval of the European Parliament and Council.

In November 2016, both Cyprus and Portugal received a first disbursement of aid worth €730 000 and €392 500 respectively.

The annual allocation available for the EUSF in 2017 is €563 million. Adding the remainder of the allocation from last year, the total amount of the EU Solidarity Fund available during 2017 is over €1 billion.

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