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EC proposes fine for Croatia of €19,000 per day

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Delays in bringing European Directives into national law can be a very costly as Croatia is to find out.

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There have been two lawsuits launched by the European Commission against Croatia at the EU Court in Luxembourg.

If the Luxembourg court rules in favor of the European Commission and not Croatia, the country would face a fine of about €19,000 per day.

These complaints were filed by the European Commission in June and July. In both complaints, the Commission argues that Croatia did not introduce regulations or measures to comply with EU directives in due course, or, at the very least, did not notify the Commission in a timely manner.

In a lawsuit filed in June, the Commission asked the Court to find that Croatia has failed to comply with the obligations under the Consumer Credit Contracts Directive relating to residential real estate, because, by the 21st of March 2016, the country failed to comply with legal and other regulations required with regard to that particular Directive.

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