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Ecuador to build satellite with Chinese help

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Ecuador is seeking to develop its own satellite using space technology from China.

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Ecuador is seeking to collaborate with the Asian country in weapons production, Ecuadorian Defense Minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa said in Beijing.

The minister expressed Ecuador's intent to increase its military presence in China and learn about cyber-security models developed in the Asian country, a step she considers "necessary" to combat the "threat of cyber-warfare."

Ms. Espinosa is visiting China to broaden exchanges in ongoing projects, in fields such as defense, as well as other unexplored fields like the transfer of aeronautical technology and China's participation in Ecuador's defense industry.

"Ecuador is not very interested in acquiring a satellite, but in transfer of technology so as to develop national facilities to strengthen our own capabilities," Ms. Espinosa told Efe after visiting a military installation in Beijing.

This year, according to Ms. Espinosa, several Chinese and Ecuadorian technical teams will make reciprocal visits to begin working on the development of the satellite, the date for which is yet to be finalized.

"In this field, we are already working with some strategic allies like Argentina and Brazil. Now, we see that China can be a great strategic partner in this venture," the minister explained.

Regarding defense, the Ecuadorian representative is exploring avenues for China's participation to spur the "rapidly growing industry, in need of strategic allies."

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