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Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia irrigation ministers to finalise GERD consultation

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Irigation and water resources ministers of Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia are set to meet in Sudan’s capital Khartoum next week to sign the consultation offices’ agreements of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

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This is according to the spokesperson of Egypt’s Irrigation and Water Resources Ministry Waleed Haqiq.

African expert on Sudan and Nile basin countries at Ahram Center Hany Raslan told Daily News Egypt that the two main studies that will be conducted by these consultation offices are the dam’s implications on the water’s hydraulic head to Egypt and Sudan, and the economic and social implications of GERD.

Raslan added that these contracts were supposed to be signed in August 2014, and that the results of these studies will take about 11 months to be issued. However, the three countries kept postponing the measure.

Raslan said: “Ethiopia has announced its stance more than once. It said that the studies of these consultation offices will be respected, but that they are not obligatory.

“Also, it said that these studies will help in the operation process of GERD, but will have no effect whatsoever on the construction process.”

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