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Estonia, Finland want EU money for gas pipeline

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Estonia and Finland have filed a joint application to the European Union for funding research on the Baltic connector gas pipeline route.

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The route which would connect Finland with the gas networks of the Baltic states, Estonian newspaper Postimees reported.

Balticconnector is a joint project between the Gasum company, which imports Russian natural gas to Finland, and the Estonian company EG Vorguteenus, which services gas networks.

The total project cost exceeds 110 million euros ($147 million). The pipeline will work in both directions and the total volume of gas transfer is expected to be about 3 million cubic meters per hour. A liquefied natural gas terminal is planned to be constructed in Finland along with the merging of gas networks.

The data collected during the research will be used to optimize the route of the pipeline, especially its underwater part under the Gulf of Finland, and to ensure environmental safety during the pipe-laying process.

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