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EU bans export of jet fuel used by Syrian air force

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European Union governments agreed to ban the export of jet fuel to Syria from Sunday, saying it was being used by the Syrian air force for indiscriminate attacks against civilians.

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The ban also covers finance and insurance related to jet fuel exports to Syria. However, fuel and additives exclusively used by non-Syrian civilian aircraft landing in Syria will be exempt, so these planes can continue their flights.

EU ministers agreed in principle in October to ban jet fuel sales to Syria, but the details have only now been worked out.

"A significant number of innocent civilians... have died because the Assad regime's air force has deliberately dropped weapons, including barrel bombs," Britain's Middle East Minister Tobias Ellwood said in a statement.

"This measure will ensure that no EU people or companies will be involved in jet fuel going to Syria. I urge all nations to ban jet fuel going to the Assad regime," he said.

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