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EU leadership approval at all-time low

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Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Luxembourg are the only EU countries where citizens approve the European Union's leadership with a clear 50% majority, according to Gallup.

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Approval ratings in nearly all other member states have dropped dramatically since 2008, especially in the crisis-hit south, reports EurActiv. The approval of the EU leadership is lowest in Greece (19%), Cyprus (21%) and Spain (27%), according to Gallup poll.

Other countries with critically low approval ratings include the United Kingdom (29%), Sweden (30%) or the Czech Republic (30%).

The EU is still backed by a majority of Luxembourgish citizens, whose level of approval is the highest, at 67%. But only three other member states show a majority of people endorsing the EU leadership - Germany (59%), Belgium (56%) and Denmark (50%).

Overall, citizens who approve the EU's leadership are in a minority in as many as 23 countries out of the 27 surveyed (Croatia, the EU's 28th member since July, was not part of the survey).

Gallup has polled the approval rating of the EU leadership each year since the start of the economic crisis, in 2008.

Over the past years, approval ratings dropped 32 percentage points in Spain and 23 points in Ireland. Sweden (17 points), Finland (14 points) and Greece (13 points since 2009) also show a decline in the approval of EU decision making.

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