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EU signs cooperation agreement with India

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Vice President of the European Commission, Joaquin Almunia, and Chairman of the Competition Commission of India, Ashok Chawla, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to increase cooperation between the European Commission's competition department and the Competition Commission of India.

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"The Memorandum of Understanding is an important step and a sign of our commitment to further deepen our already excellent relations with the Competition Commission of India. It will give new impetus to our cooperation with India in the enforcement of our respective competition laws," said Mr. Almunia.

The Memorandum of Understanding creates a dedicated framework to further strengthen cooperation between the European Commission and the Competition Commission of India in the area of competition law enforcement.

Under the new framework, the parties may engage in discussions on competition legislation, share non-confidential information on legislation, enforcement, multilateral competition initiatives and advocacy, and engage in technical cooperation regarding competition legislation and enforcement.

The Memorandum of Understanding also provides that one authority may request the other to carry out enforcement activities, if one believes that anti-competitive actions are being carried out in the territory of the other. Likewise, the Memorandum of Understanding provides a mechanism to avoid conflicts if one authority's enforcement activity may affect the other in its own enforcement activity.

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