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EU vote to halve EU food waste by 2030

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The European Parliament voted to introduce farm-to-fork targets to reduce EU food waste by 30% by 2025 and 50% by 2030.

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The Parliament has also called on the Commission to examine the possibility of making these Union-wide food waste reduction targets legally binding by 2020.

This is being celebrated by a huge movement of 51 organisations from across 17 countries, led by This Is Rubbish, which has been campaigning for targets to halve EU food waste by 2030 that are both from farm-to-fork and legally binding.

The campaign is also backed by over 64,000 people who have signed and Global Citizen petitions to call on MEPs to halve the EU's food waste.

Martin Bowman, Campaigner for This Is Rubbish, said: "We’re celebrating this landmark vote to halve EU food waste by 2030, which is a great victory for our campaign and the food waste movement.

"Our huge movement of 51 organisations from 17 countries and over 64,000 people has been calling for EU food waste reduction targets that are legally binding so that they’re taken seriously by member states.

"It’s a massive step in the right direction to see the European Parliament call on the Commission to review whether binding targets are possible by 2020.

"Now we need to see the Council and Commission match the ambition of the Parliament. We invite people to join our fight by signing our petition, to put pressure on the Council who’ll soon be deciding their position.”

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