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Europe to give 650 million euros to Somalia

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The European Commission pledged 650 million euros of additional aid for the next three years for Somalia. The New Deal for Somalia conference gathered representatives of governments, financial institutions and aid donors in Brussels.

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Danish Minister for Development, Christian Friis Bach, wrote in an opinion piece published on EurActiv that the Compact was "a contract of mutual accountability” between Somalia and its international partners.

In the same spirit, the EU's Development Commissioner, Andris Piebalgs, said that the EU wanted to launch a new approach towards Somalia: "As we seek to empower Somalia politically, we must do so by empowering its institutions and its people across the country. To this end, we will have to link together political processes, actions to establish workable security and justice systems, economic growth, and service delivery. This is the strength of the New Deal," Mr. Piebalgs said.

Around 50 high-level delegations from all over the world, including aid groups and financial institutions, attended the talks on the new compact, which outlines the future priorities and challenges for the new Somali Government.

For the first time after nearly two decades of war, the fragile state of Somalia is on the road to recovery, but huge challenges remain ahead such as healthcare, access to water and education, employment. Terrorist attacks continue to be a stability threat, and human rights, in particular women’s rights, remain at risk, participants noted.

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