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FEMA not willing to help Guam with home repairs after typhoon

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) denied Governor Eddie Calvo's request for funds that would have assisted those whose homes were destroyed or damaged during Typhoon Dolphin.

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The governor said he has 30 days to appeal that decision.

"We haven't given up. We have a team going back and looking at the reasons why it was denied so we can give FEMA a second look."

The storm's center passed between Guam and Rota on May 15, causing power and water outages on both islands, Pacific Islands Report reports.

Nearly 400 homes sustained damage during the storm, according to the governor's request for federal funding. Nine of those homes were completely destroyed and another 55 sustained major damage, the request states.

Earlier this month, President Obama issued a disaster declaration for Guam, approving funding for disaster relief. However, that funding didn't cover costs associated with damaged homes. It will pay for, among other things, the repair or replacement of damaged public facilities, as well as "hazard mitigation projects" meant to protect life and property during future disasters.

The governor requested more than $10 million in emergency funding for both the repair of GovGuam property as well as individual assistance.

Calvo said he is continuing to work with nonprofit organizations, such as the Guam chapter of the American Red Cross, to determine what aid can be provided to individuals who need assistance.

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