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Foreigners may apply online for Brazilian visa

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The Brazilian Federal Senate has passed a bill allowing visa applications, fees and documents to be submitted on the internet. The bill is pending approval from president Dilma Rousseff.

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The Brazilian Federal Senate Federal passed a bill allowing for foreigners to apply for entry visas to Brazil online. The bill is still pending approval from president Dilma Rousseff to enter into force, but the Ministry of tourism believes the measure will facilitate visa issuance, and consequently visitor influx to the country.

According to information from the ministry, the application, the fees and the documents required may be made fully online, which should cut visa costs and waiting time. The bill modifies the Foreigner’s Statute (Estatuto do Estrangeiro).

According to the Ministry of External Relations, which is in charge of visa issuance, the process is "partially" electronic: the form is submitted online, but the documents must be presented in person at a consulate or embassy.

Should the Brazilian consular authorities deem it necessary for security purposes, however, the applicant may be required to submit their original documents and, eventually, additional papers as well.

The Ministry of External Relations has informed that since the project has not been approved yet, the start date and the functioning of the electronic process have not been defined yet, but will be in keeping with the rule of law. â– 

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