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France announces 6pm curfew

Christian Fernsby |
France will enforce a 6pm nationwide curfew to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the country over fears of the UK variant getting out of control in the country.

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Prime Minister Jean Castex told a press conference on Thursday the planned 8pm curfew would be brought forward to 6pm and would last till 6am.

The curfew will be in affect from Saturday for at least 15 days and people will face fines if they are found outside past those times.

Castex also told a news conference that there was no need for a new national lockdown for now but and that if the pandemic gets out of hand, France will lock down again.

He added the government would do all it could to avoid shutting down schools and vowed to ramp up testing for teachers and pupils.

He described the current state of the pandemic in France as "worrying", with the infection rate at a high plateau and pressure on hospitals at a high level.

During the press conference Castex said the tighter curfew had worked in the places it was already implemented.

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