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France pays Russia 900 million euros compensation for Mistral warships

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Paris has refunded Moscow €900 million for two Mistral helicopter carriers put on hold, a source in the Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation told RIA Novosti.

Initially, Russia pre-paid France €800 million to manufacture the ships. The refund of an additional €100 million was calculated by Russian officials as compensation for carrying out research and development to adapt the Kamov K-52 helicopter for the Navy’s needs, for personnel training to operate the Mistral vessels, and also for the construction of the landing pier for Mistral ships in Russia’s Pacific port of Vladivostok, the source said.

So far Moscow has not given France permission to sell the ships to a third party.

“Despite the fact that France has transferred about €900 million for not delivering the Mistral ships, the permit for the re-export of the vessels has not been granted yet,” RIA Novosti quoted its source as saying. To obtain such a permit, Paris must inform Moscow about the final buyer of the ships.

“If the buyer country produces no objections from Moscow, the re-export permit will be granted,” the source said.

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