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France sets targets for renewable energy by 2023

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The French government has announced fresh targets for renewable energy capacity to be installed by 2023.

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The new objectives published within France’s multiannual program of energy — Plan de programmation pluriannuelle de l'Energie (PPE) — will serve as trajectories to be used in defining the priorities for the French government in relation to the development of renewable energy on mainland France between 2016 and 2023.

Target capacities for multiple renewable technologies are specified for 2018; alongside high and low scenarios for installed capacity in 2023.

The PPE targets imply total renewable energy capacity of 69,980 MW in the low scenario, and 76,743 MW in the high scenario by 2023; delivering 150 and 167 TWh renewably sourced electricity per year respectively.

Alongside goals for enhanced electrification, continued demand for renewable energy in France is expected to be secured by national policy to reduce the share of nuclear power in electricity production from about 75 percent to 50 percent by 2025.

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