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French president calls for united European army

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French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday called for the formation of a European army to secure the protection of Europeans.

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"We will not protect the Europeans unless we decide to have a real European army," Macron said in an interview with Europe 1 radio.

Stating that Europe needs an army "without just depending on the U.S.", Macron said that Europe needs to protect itself especially from Russia and the U.S.

Referring to U.S. President Donald Trump's announcement to pull out of a Cold War-era disarmament treaty, Macron said Trump's recent decision directly threatens Europe's security.

Speaking about far-right parties rising in Europe, Macron said that it is important to fight them.

"They [far-right parties] play on the fears of others, they want to close borders. Just because they are elected, doesn’t mean I can’t fight their ideas," he added.

The French president recalled that the European Union is a unique project of peace and prosperity in the world's history.

"The peace and prosperity which Europe has enjoyed for 70 years is a golden moment in our history," Macron added.

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