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From 2018, Londoners will get unlimited bus journeys within an hour

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Travelling on a bus in London will become cheaper and more convenient for millions of Londoners from next week as the one hour Hopper fare will begin on September 12, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan announced.

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The new fare will mean an estimated 30m bus journeys currently costing £1.50 will now become free every year.

From Monday it will allow passengers to change onto another bus or tram for free within one hour of touching in at the start of their journey. It will be automatically given to anyone who uses ‘pay as you go’ with Oyster or contactless payment cards.

The fare will particularly benefit Londoners on lower incomes who often rely on the bus network to get around. Using the Hopper fare, passengers could make extended journeys across London for just £1.50 for a standard adult fare if the second journey begins within an hour.

These include:

- London Bridge to East Croydon using the route 133 to Streatham and then changing at Streatham Hill station onto a 109 to West Croydon.

- Victoria Station to Wembley stadium using the Route 16 to Edgware Road station and then changing onto a route 18 to Wembley Central station.

The fare will also be given to passengers switching from bus to tram, tram to bus or tram to tram within an hour as well.

TfL is now working on delivering unlimited bus and tram transfers within one hour, which is not currently possible due to limits with the existing technology. Plans are for TfL to deliver unlimited bus and tram journeys in an hour from 2018.

In addition to this, from 2018, passengers who travel on a Tube or train between their two or more bus or tram journeys will also be eligible for the Hopper fare.

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