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Georgia Governor Kemp: DCA Launches new resources for high-speed internet

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Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) launched a new website to inform Georgians about ways to connect to high-speed internet throughout the state.

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“The fight against COVID-19 is impacting Georgians' ability to access healthcare, receive educational instruction, and serve customers in traditional ways,” said Governor Kemp.

“High-speed internet is important for Georgians to continue receiving care, learning, and teleworking while they follow guidelines for social distancing.

“We’re grateful so many internet and mobile phone providers have stepped up to meet Georgians’ connectivity needs in this critical time.”

To support social distancing requirements, broadband providers are offering various options for Georgians to connect to the internet.

By visiting, Georgians can find locations to which they can drive for accessing WiFi around the state, made available from telecommunications cooperatives and government agencies.

While many public libraries are currently closed, some are still offering limited services such as WiFi outside their buildings.

“Georgia’s public libraries have long been a center of learning,” said Julie Walker, Georgia’s State Librarian.

“The vast majority of public libraries across the state have WiFi that is free and openly available from the parking lot, often twenty-four hours each day.”

When visiting these public WiFi locations, please stay in your vehicle or otherwise follow Governor Kemp’s order to keep a distance of at least six feet away from others.

It is vital that all Georgians continue to follow social distancing practices to stay safe and healthy.

Please be mindful of local governments' directives, which may restrict non-essential travel and social gatherings.

“Most internet service providers and mobile phone carriers are generously making it easy and free for Georgians to connect to the internet,” said DCA Commissioner Christopher Nunn.

“The state is working to assist Georgians in finding these important options.”

On the new DCA website, Georgians can also link to easy-to-use search tools to sign up for low-cost internet service at home.

Offers include time-limited free internet services and waiving of disconnect and late fees.

Eligibility factors may apply and vary according to internet service providers’ policies.

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