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Georgia plans to lift international flight restrictions in February 2021

Christian Fernsby |
Georgia plans to lift all international flight restrictions implemented in February 2021, Georgian Economy Minister Natia Turnava said during the presentation of the 2020 Activity Report.

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Turnava noted that despite the pandemic, infrastructural projects were not suspended, including the expansion of airports.

"The project to expand Kutaisi and Batumi international airports is in the final stage and starting February practically we are planning to lift all the restrictions on international flights and by that time the renewed infrastructure will host visitors and our citizens," cited her as saying.

Air traffic in Georgia was completely suspended in March 2020, after which only Georgian Airlines operated in the country for several months and carried out special flights in order to return Georgians from foreign countries back to their homeland.

Back in early July Georgia opened its borders to travellers from Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

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