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German FM rejects war reparations for Poland

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German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has rejected claims voiced in Poland that Berlin should pay Warsaw reparations for WWII, saying these were an attempt at worsening "close and good" Polish-German ties, according to Der Spiegel.

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Prime Minister Beata Szydło said earlier this month that Poland deserves reparations from Germany for the huge losses it caused in World War II, but indicated her government has not yet made a final decision on pressing claims.

Gabriel was cited by Der Spiegel as saying that demands for reparations were an "attempt to worsen the close and good ties which have developed between Germany and Poland over the years".

Gabriel added that the German government should "stay calm", that Polish-German ties are the best they have ever been and "we want it to stay that way," the weekly reported.

The head of Poland's ruling conservative party in July said that Poland was never compensated for "huge" loses in World War II.

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