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Germany and Bolivia enjoy excellent relations

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A new chapter is opening in the bilateral relations between Bolivia and Germany, stressed Chancellor Angela Merkel after talks with Bolivian President Evo Morales at the Federal Chancellery.

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Germany and Bolivia traditionally enjoy excellent and cordial relations, and can look back on a development partnership that spans fifty years, said the Chancellor. Development cooperation is now to be further strengthened, with the signing of a new framework agreement.

"The priority areas of development cooperation are renewable energy, rural development and vocational education and training."

The Chancellor praised Bolivia’s progress in the economic sphere. "There have been remarkable achievements in reducing poverty, improving the legal situation of children, on debt reduction and on business development, as well as very impressive economic growth."

Bolivia’s main exports to Germany are mineral resources and agricultural produce as well as leather and textile goods. Its principal imports from Germany are machinery, motor vehicles and vehicle parts, chemical and pharmaceutical products, electrical goods and measurement and control technology.

In 2014, bilateral trade between Germany and Bolivia was worth approximately 302 million US dollars, Bolivian exports to Germany amounting to 136 million US dollars and Bolivian imports from Germany 166.3 million US dollars.

Cooperation in the energy sector is to be stepped up in future. The Chancellor underlined the fact that the two sides agreed to cooperate in the field of renewable energy.

"Bolivia would like to invest very strongly in wind power, and has already begun to put in place the necessary framework." There is thus to be "close cooperation with companies producing wind power plants," she said.

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