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Germany supports gas transit via Ukraine

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Germany favors continuation of Russian gas transit through Ukraine in 2020, but the pipelines need investment, a high-raking official in the German Chancellery said.

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“The Chancellor said after a meeting with (Ukrainian President Pyotr) Poroshenko that we, as Germans, want to support negotiations on the gas transit agreement, which is to be discussed and which provides for a new deal on transit through Ukraine in 2019,” the source told reporters.

Gazprom, which supplies Europe with a quarter of its gas needs, has recently said that it does not plan to extend the gas transit agreement with Ukraine when it expires in 2019. Gazprom said it is waiting for proposals from Ukraine.

“Of course, both sides should want it... Of course, it is connected to Ukrainian investment in the pipeline system. This means that we need investors who will invest into the pipeline,” the source said.

He said that the possibility of attracting foreign investors should be considered. Germany plans to cooperate with the E.U. on the issue.

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