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Ghana, Denmark sign tax, development agreement

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Ghana and Denmark signed an agreement on a four-year tax and development programme, implementation, spanning 2015 to 2018.

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A statement from the Danish Embassy in Accra said the programme is designed to support economic governance and the sustainability of Ghana’s public finances.

The programme is part of Denmark’s overall strategy for the evolution of its relationship with Ghana, transitioning from mainly development cooperation to increased political and commercial cooperation.

The programme contributes to the Denmark-Ghana Partnership Policy, which reflects the evolving relationship between Ghana and Denmark as Ghana becomes increasingly self-reliant.

The objective of the programme is to improve economic governance in Ghana by increasing revenue mobilisation, strengthening revenue administration and improving accountability of Government to its citizens.

The programme comprises tax and development with Ghana Revenue Authority, and the other two, dealing with domestic accountability.

The Domestic Accountability Engagements would be carried out with two civil society organisationsm the IMANIm Centre for Policy and Education and Ghana Integrity Initiative.

Total funding for the programme is Danish Kroner 230 million, approximately $40 million.

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