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Ghana warned not to ban chicken import

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The managing director of the Ghana Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Nico van Staalduinen has cautioned Ghana not to consider banning the import of chicken.

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There have been calls for government to ban the importation of poultry products to save the local industry as well as reduce imports to shore up the cedi which has seen massive depreciation this year. Government has asserted it may heed to the calls to ban poultry imports if only local farmers demonstrate the capacity to produce, to satisfy the domestic market.

Ghana spends about $600million annually on rice and poultry imports.

Mr. van Staalduinen warns the country may shoot itself in the foot if it goes ahead with the move. He believes Ghana's land is not suitable for rearing chicken.

"I used to work in the poultry industry for more than 20 years and I am warning Ghana, Ghana is not an ideal country for the production of Chicken. Don't jump to whatever you see. Look at what Ghana's strong points are, export that, develop cassava, goats, and maize, and develop rice that belongs here. But stay away from risky business chicken."

"In the beginning of the 2000s, Papaye took over and begun the official chicken and rice business. In 2014 we realize rice has replaced kenkey and Fufu to become our national food. And now we are waking up to say we are importing too much rice while we saw it coming from the beginning of the 1990."

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