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Government of Nepal to think about non-tariff barriers

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The government of Nepal is preparing to conduct a survey to identify non-tariff barriers that have been hindering exports of products with high export potential.

The Commerce Ministry has planned to study non-tariff barriers affecting trade in coffee, handicraft, pashmina and woollen products, large cardamom, honey, ginger and tea in the first phase.

Unveiling its 100-day action plan, Commerce Minister Deepak Bohora said the ministry had selected these products for their high export potential.

“Trade barriers obstructing shipments of Nepali coffee, handicraft, pashmina and woollen products to Japan, Europe and the US will be assessed in the first stage,” said Bohora.

“We will also examine trade barriers faced by exporters while shipping large cardamom to India and the United Arab Emirates.”br>
In addition, the ministry is planning to identify the hurdles affecting the export of Nepali honey to China and Taiwan. The ministry has selected China and India for its study of problems in ginger exports while it has chosen Australia and Russian for its study of tea exports.

These goods have been identified as having high export potential in Nepal Trade Integration Strategy 2010. According to Bohora, they will be coordinating with development partners to implement the strategy. The ministry is currently revising the list of exportable goods in the strategy.

Moreover, the ministry has planned to prepare profiles of 10 selected countries with the aim of diversifying trade and promoting exports. It has picked India, China, Bangladesh, the US, Germany, England, France, Japan, Italy and Canada for the purpose.

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