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Governor Scott: Florida needs Zika money now

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The Florida Department of Health (DOH) has confirmed through its ongoing investigations that local transmission of Zika is occurring in a new small area in Miami-Dade County.

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The street boundaries are NW 79th St. to the North, NW 63rd St. to the South, NW 10th Ave. to the West and N. Miami Ave. to the East. This area is about one square mile. DOH has identified five people, two women and three men, in the new area. Three live in this one square mile area.

The other two either work in or have visited this area. Four of these cases have already been announced by DOH and were under the normal investigation process. The investigation of the final case was completed today.

With the confirmation of today’s case, this area now meets the CDC’s criteria for a new zone. All five individuals are non-travel related cases. DOH has evidence that Zika is only actively being transmitted in the two small areas including Miami Beach and this new area.

Governor Rick Scott said, "Today’s announcement of a new area in Miami of ongoing local transmission of the Zika virus underscores the urgent need for federal funding to combat the Zika virus. It has been two weeks since federal funding to fight Zika was approved by Congress and signed by President Obama.

"However, Florida has not yet received a dime. We don’t need bureaucratic timelines – we need funding now.

"We have had more than 1,000 cases of Zika in our state, and Miami-Dade County continues to be the only area with ongoing active transmissions.

"I have continued to provide state funding to Miami-Dade County and this week, I allocated an additional $7 million for the county to fight mosquitoes. "

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