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Governor Wolf rejects Republican budget, releases emergency funding

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Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf rejected the Republican budget that cuts $95 million from education, while directing emergency funding for key services.

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“I’m vetoing the Republican plan to cut $95 million from education, and I’m also vetoing other items that they don’t pay for,” said Governor Wolf.

“I’m calling on our legislators to get back to Harrisburg – back to the work they left unfinished last week. At the same time, I’m allowing emergency funding for our schools to get out. I’m also letting funding go out to our human service agencies and to our counties. But this is on an emergency basis only.”

“In doing this, I’m expressing the outrage that all of us should feel about the garbage the Republican legislative leaders have tried to dump on us. This budget is wrong for Pennsylvania. And our legislators – the folks we elected to serve us – need to own up to this. They need to do their jobs.

“This budget is wrong for so many reasons, but especially because it does not balance, increases our deficit and fails to invest in our schools and our future.”

Governor Wolf vetoed parts of the budget because Republicans did not pay for their spending and to ensure a more responsible budget, but he is taking action to ensure that schools receive money owed to them through December 31.

Governor Wolf limited emergency funding to a half-year appropriation based on the agreed-to bipartisan budget for basic education funding, state corrections institutions and medical assistance capitation. In total, the governor released more than $23.3 billion in funding.

Further, the governor rejected the legislature’s desired increases for their own funding and instead reverted their appropriations to flat funding from the previous year. Community colleges, state system institutions and other higher education lines are also limited to flat-funding from the previous year.

The legislature left for vacation without passing appropriations bills for state-related universities, Penn State, University of Pittsburgh, Lincoln University, Temple University, and the Penn School of Veterinary Science, and other “non-preferred” institutions.

"The Republican budget underfunds education and uses gimmicks that will actually lead to a $95 million cut in funding for our schools. Republicans continue to refuse to adequately fund Pre-K through 12 education and their budget fails to fund $305 million in school construction reimbursements. Instead, they claim to pay for school construction by issuing billions in new debt.

"However, since the Republican budget fails to take any meaningful steps to fix Pennsylvania’s structural budget deficit – which has already led to five credit downgrades – the commonwealth will be unable to responsibly issue any debt to cover school construction reimbursements this year and likely into the future.

"The Republican’s failure to provide school construction funding to local school districts and the commonwealth’s inability to responsibly issue debt will lead to a direct cost to the school districts, which will wipe out any marginal funding increases for local school districts. This means that their budget is an effective $95 million cut to school districts after years of cuts under previous Republican budgets.

"The Republican budget continues the trend of not only underfunding our schools but also fiscal irresponsibility that have led to massive structural deficits and multiple credit downgrades. Now, those decisions will have a direct impact on our ability to pay our bills and issue debt," Governor Wolf said on his website.

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