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Hillary Clinton unveils $30 billion plan to aid coal-producing areas

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled a $30 billion plan aimed at helping coal miners, who have been impacted by the declining demand for coal as the country shifts to alternative energy sources.

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The plan aims at helping workers in Appalachia and other coal-producing areas that have been adversely affected by the fall in coal production and the closure of coal-fired power plants, by investing in economic diversification and job creation. The plan is part of Clinton's strong push for clean energy.

While coal is an energy source that is plentiful, it is also more polluting than other energy sources. The U.S. is increasingly adopting cleaner sources of energy.

Clinton's plan encourages companies by giving tax breaks for long-term investments in hard-hit communities. It also includes expanding broadband internet access, building infrastructure, retraining coal workers who are put out of work and setting up a fund that would award competitive grants to small businesses.

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