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Hungary insists on asking for EU grants for construction of fence

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Hungary insists on the view that the European Commission should contribute to the costs of the border fence built at the time of the emergence of the migrant crisis.

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János Lázár, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Office said that at the press conference Governmentinfo 104 which he held jointly with Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács.

At the press conference Lázár informed members of the press of the reply in the negative received from the competent European Commissioner in response to Hungary’s request that the EU should foot one half of the costs of the fence.

According to his information, Dimitris Avramopoulos’s reply to the request for grants as a contribution to the operation and construction of the Hungarian fence was that they do not regard the fence or providing grants for Hungary in relation to the construction thereof and its extra migration-related expenditures as justified.

Mr Lázár said that the Government was shocked by the reply in light of the fact that it was the closure of the border, together with other fences, that stopped the flow of illegal migrants who crossed the Balkans in 2015.

It was the closure of the Balkans route and the closure of the border that helped Europe to take control of the process of migration.

Lázár concluded: "It as an indication of double standards that while other countries, such as Bulgaria were given grants even for the construction of fences, the European Commission only wants to support the letting in of migrants.

"We insist that the fence is the solution, and we are asking for help with stopping migration, rather than with organising it, he said.

He also reported that before the end of this year, the relationship of Brussels and Budapest will further be affected by the fact that, as expected, the European Commission will initiate the distribution of migrants already in Europe once again, including the resettlement of another 50 thousand migrants. He stressed: this is contrary to the values of the EU.

Lázár also pointed out at the press conference that the Hungarian Government will not support EU measures of any kind against Poland. At the Wednesday plenary session of the European Parliament, the majority groups voted for the resolution on the state of the rule of law in Poland, based on which preparations will start to trigger Article Seven of the EU Treaties against Poland.

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