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Hungary: No new fence required for the time being

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Hungary would only begin extending the existing border security fence or constructing a new one if the main direction of illegal immigration were to move to another stretch of the border, with Romania or Ukraine.

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Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, György Bakondi said that on Hungarian M1 television’s Thursday morning current affairs program.

"We are not seeing anything like this for the moment; the monitoring of the Romanian and Ukrainian borders is effective, thanks to cooperation between Hungarian and partner border security authorities", Mr. Bakondi said.

"We didn’t build the fence out of pleasure, but to ensure the security of Hungary’s population," he underlined.

"Although not to the degree experienced in 2015, but pressure along the Balkan migration route, where there are currently some 80 thousand migrants, is unceasing, and the arrival of new migrants from the Greek islands is continuous. Thousands of people are attempting to cross the Hungarian border, and they would all end up reaching Western Europe were it not for the fence," Bakondi explained.

The Chief Security Advisor said the Hungarian Government would like to see some solidarity on the part of the European Union, because while the Bulgarian, Spanish, Greek and French fences are regarded as "good fences" by EU leaders, they continue to criticise the Hungarian fence.

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