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Hungary: Number of migrants may be minimized with second fence

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The number of migrants arriving in Hungary illegally can be reduced to effectively zero with the second fence erected on the southern border, Government Spokesperson Zoltán Kovács stressed.

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As he said, in Germany – which has taken the brunt of the mass of migrants – one may already observe a change as regards attitudes to migration.

At the same time, the organisations that concern themselves with the issue of migration “slander us one after the other”, relying on non-existent facts or the misconstruction of the legal systems.

Those arriving at the Hungarian border are either not fleeing war, or have already travelled through several countries that may be regarded as safe.

Consequently, they have rather limited options of availing themselves of the possibilities afforded by the Hungarian and European legal systems, the Government Spokesperson remarked.

In the context of the approval by Brussels of the enlargement of the Paks atomic power station, Mr Kovács highlighted that the project is the pledge of cheap energy in Hungary and in the region.

In answer to a question concerning the difference in the quality of the same foodstuffs sold in Western- and Central-Europe, he said: “the possibility, need or necessity may emerge” to look into this issue in the case of other products as well, after foodstuffs.

It is absolutely unacceptable that there should be inferior or lesser consumers in the European Union which is so proud of seeking to eliminate these very obstacles in the process of integration, he stated.

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