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Hungary would rather help Romania protect its eastern border than build fence

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In an interview in Nagyvárad/ Oradea in Transylvanian daily Bihari Napló, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that if migration pressure puts Romania to the test, Hungary would rather help Romania protect its eastern borders than erect a fence along the Hungarian-Romanian state border.

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According to Mr. Orbán, the migration pressure on Europe from the East will increase, and in the period ahead this will make Romania increasingly important.

Mr. Orbán said: "Romania is an important state from this perspective, and it will have an important mission to stop the huge numbers of uncontrolled migrants flowing into Europe across its eastern border.

"It must eventually establish a border barrier system on its eastern border.

"Otherwise Romania will be overrun by migrants, and then we Hungarians will have to erect a fence on the Hungarian-Romanian border.

"This is something we would like to avoid if at all possible. Instead of this, we would be happy to assist Romania in protecting its eastern borders, if necessary."

The Prime Minister added that he views the Orthodox Church and Romania’s political leadership with great hope, and trusts that they will also recognise that this issue is about the future of Romania: the Christian future of Romania.

He added that he believes that on these foundations in the future Romania and Hungary could engage in good cooperation.

The Prime Minister said that he sees the future as being Central Europe’s great decades.

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