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India to launch internet spy system Netra

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Use of words like attack, bomb, blast or kill in tweets, status updates, emails or blogs may bring internet users in India under surveillance of security agencies. The government will soon launch Netra, an internet spy system.

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The home ministry is giving finishing touches to Netra, which will be deployed by all security agencies to capture any dubious voice traffic passing through software like Skype or Google Talk, besides write-ups in tweets, status updates, emails, instant messaging transcripts, internet calls, blogs and forums, reports The Times of India.

The Netra internet spy system has been developed by Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR), a lab under Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO).

An inter-ministerial group, comprising officials of the Cabinet secretariat, home ministry, DRDO, CAIR, Intelligence Bureau, C-DoT and Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) recently have discussed the deployment strategy of Netra.

The group also chalked-out a strategy on how to deal with computer security incidents, track system vulnerabilities and promote effective IT security practices across the country, reports The Times of India.

When Netra is operationalized, security agencies will get a big handle on monitoring activities of dubious people and organisations which use internet to carry out their nefarious designs, a government official said.

The inter-ministerial group favoured allocation of 300 GB of storage space to a maximum of three security agencies, including the Intelligence Bureau and Cabinet Secretariat, for intercepted internet traffic and an extra 100 GB would be assigned to the remaining law enforcement agencies.

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