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Iran, neighbors to accelerate railway cooperation

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Senior railway officials from Iran, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan said that they are resolved to coordinate their efforts to still speed up the increasing trend of transportation cooperation among the three friendly nations.

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In a meeting with his Turkmen and Kazakh counterparts on Saturday, Managing Director of Iran’s Railways Mohsen Pour Seyed Aqayee said that development of railroad relations and transit of commodities with the Northern neighboring countries is of priorities of Iran’s economic policies.

The Iranian official, who is also the country's deputy road minister, said that the meeting will help the three neighbors to solve technical and minor issues quickly and enable them to develop their relations.

In December, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani underlined that the joint railway that links Iran to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan on the Eastern side of the Caspian Sea will help the three nations to further broaden their relations in different areas.

"Expansion of relations among the three countries of Iran, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan is the main goal and desire of the people of the three countries by inaugurating the international railway on the East of Caspian Sea," President Rouhani said in the Northern province of Golestan, addressing a joint press conference with his Turkmen and Kazakh counterparts on the sidelines of the railway inaugural ceremony.

The joint railway, in the East of the Caspian Sea, linking Iran to Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan came into operation early in December 2014.

The length of the railway is about 908 km of which 120 km is in Kazakhstan, 700 in Turkmenistan and 88 km in Iran.

The railway route connects the Commonwealth of the Independent States (CIS) countries to the Persian Gulf and the South East Asian nations.

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