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Iran to boost gas supplies to Turkey if lawsuit drops

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Informed sources said Iran would boost gas supplies to Turkey if the latter state drops its complaint against Tehran, reports Fars News Agency (FNA).

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"Based on the negotiations underway between the energy officials of the two countries, Ankara seeks to decrease the price of its imported gas from Iran, while Tehran intends to increase its gas supplies to Turkey," the source, who asked to remain unnamed, told FNA.

"With the launch of operation of the new gas phases in Assaluyeh energy zone (in Southern Iran) next year, we won't have any problem for supplying gas and Iran can, therefore, increase the volume of its gas exports to Turkey and the Turks should also withdraw their complaint against Iran while increasing their imports from Iran," the source added.

Turkey's complaint against Iran has two dimensions. On one hand, Turkey claims that during the cold season, Iran's gas exports to this country have not reached the agreed amount and 25% of the volume has been reduced. It has, thus, demanded a compensation of damages of 2 to 2.5 billion dollars.

In this regard, Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia and Oceania Ebrahim Rahimpour, pointed out, "There is an item in the contract of Iran's gas sales to Turkey based on which both sides can have claims about the price of gas if regional prices of gas exports change and then refer the issue to the proper tribunals."

"Filing a complaint against a country does not mean that there is a dispute between two countries. There have been similar cases between Iran and our allies which have been referred to the international legal institutions."

Rahimpour said that this case will not go that far and the Turkish officials would not pursue the legal resolution of the matter.

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