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Iran wants to sell small nuclear reactors in Asia and Africa

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Iran has proposed a project with Hungary to design and develop a small nuclear reactor that could be sold across Asia and Africa.

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That reactor could be built in Iran, Tehran's top nuclear official said, Reuters reports.

Iran's Ali Akbar Salehi said he envisaged a joint pilot project with Hungary to design a 25-megawatt reactor and then a reactor of up to 100 megawatts, a size he said would be marketable across Asia and Africa.

He told a conference in Budapest that small reactors would be more affordable to poorer countries and require less cooling water, a critical consideration in Africa and Asia.

"One particular project that I suggested was to see if we can together design a small reactor of 25 megawatts. It was received well and we hope that we can start this project, just on paper.

"It requires a lot of scientific work to come up with such a design, certainly a number of years of hard work. We want to see if we can do this."

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