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Iran's exports to EU increase by 48% in 2014

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Iran's exports to the European Union (EU) member states grew by 48% in 2014 compared to a year earlier, the European Commission's statistical office, Eurostat, reported.

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Iran's exports to the EU member states rose from about €780 million ($842 million) in 2013, to over €1.16 billion ($1.25 billion) in 2014, showing a 48 percent growth.

Meanwhile, Iranian imports from the EU countries in 2014 rose only by 18% compared to 2013, and reached over €6.40 billion ($6.91 billion).

Iran and the European Union (EU) states recorded over €7.56 billion (US$8.16 billion) in trade turnover in 2014, showing an increase by 21% compared to 2013.

The report also cited Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Lithuania, Sweden, Austria and England as Iran’s major trade partners in 2014, in descending order.

Germany, Italy, France and Belgium were the biggest exporters respectively, while Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Netherlands were the main importers of Iranian goods and services.

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