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Japan to resume whaling hunt despite international warning

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Japan said it would resume its annual whale hunt despite the International Whaling Commission (IWC) demanding the country provide more information to prove the programme is really for scientific research.

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The IWC said Japan had failed to provide enough detail to explain the scientific basis of its "NEWREP-A proposal", which would target 3,996 minke whales in the Antarctic over 12 years.

Joji Morishita, Tokyo's commissioner to the global conservation body, told reporters that the country would answer the queries from the IWC but its intentions would not be altered.

"There has been no change to our plan. As far as scientific points being raised (by the IWC), we would like to respond with sincerity as much as possible," he said, according to Jiji Press. He added Japan would "conduct additional analyses" to gain more support for the new programme, Kyodo News said.

Japan believes the world's whale population, especially the minke stock, is sizeable enough to accommodate a return to sustainable whaling, putting it at odds with campaigners and anti-whaling nations.

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