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Jose Mujica criticizes nostalgia for Uruguay's dictatorship

Christian Fernsby |
Former Uruguayan president Jose Mujica said this Sunday, before casting his ballot, that there are expressions of nostalgia surrounding dictatorships, which should not happen.


Jose Mujica acknowledged to reporters that he was alluding to a video broadcast by former General Guido Manini Rios of the Cabildo Abierto party released on social networks during the electoral campaign in which he urged the military not to vote for the ruling Broad Front.

Vice President Lucia Topolansky told the press that "there are worrying moves" and stressed the importance of supporting the Electoral Court, a special majority arbitration body in which all parties are proportionally represented with a neutral president.

The same assessment was made by the Communist Party of Uruguay (PCU) in a statement issued on Friday, in which it denounces that 'nostalgic, authoritarian sectors, some directly fascist and undemocratic, launched miserable operations to try to influence the elections of November 24 through fear.'

The PCU criticized the publication by the Military Center of an editorial of the Nacion magazine, edited by armed force retirees, in which it is stated that 'serious change is required, to close the path to communism,' to gender ideology, and all the accomplices that the Broad Front has gained in these 15 years.

Meanwhile, the trade union confederation described it as hate speech and urged all democratic and patriotic forces to repudiate these acts and pronounce themselves in a decisive manner in the face of these inadmissible statements, while reiterating, 'once again its commitment to actively defend democracy.'

So far this morning, the only incident recorded here was the throwing of stones at a bus carrying soldiers to guard polling stations, resulting in some injuries, according to information provided by television channels.

From early this morning, the presidential vote started all over the country between the candidates Daniel Martinez, belonging to the Broad Front, and Luis Lacalle, representing the National Party in an alliance with other right-wing formations in favor of neo-liberal policies, including Cabildo Abierto, led by Manini.

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